About DVD Quality

I just move to the Philippines from USA and I am a movie lover. I have a big movie collection and I bought all my movies obviously in America. Here movies are for the most part region 3 since I am in Asia. My question, is there any video quality difference between region 3 and region 1 DVDs?? Sorry I know it’s a stupid question. Thanks In Advance.

The quality shoudn’t differ, assuming you are buying genuine dvds from the movie studios and not the cheap copies that are commonly found in Asian markets.
You might have problems playing both types in one dvd player, unless your player has been hacked to be region free.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on dvd region codes which should explain most of the reasons for their existence: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_region_codes

Cool thanks for the reply, oh and I try to buy dvds at big respectable shopping malls. Also they sometimes have like a language options before going to the main menu, that’s why i ask this question, the language selection makes me suspicious, oh well. Thanks

I go to Cebu Philippines every year and purchase dvd’s from SM mall all the time. The quality is the same from what I can tell but as for the language option before the main menu I have never seen that and I have purchased about 50 dvd’s from there in the last 2 years

I live in Luzon I buy from Odessy sometimes ,but I will try going to malls in manila.

I have also bought them from Odyssey located in Ayala center Cebu. I mainly buy from Astroplus in SM mall cebu when I am there Try and buy from the malls in Manila like SM as the smaller places tend to have pirated movies.