About DVD duplicator using NEC 3500a


i have a question , however, i not sure whether this is the right place tat i should post thie topic…

my question is …

i planning to purchase a DVD duplicator from ebay.
however, the price they selling is a little bit expensive according to my opinion

3 Target 16X DVD Duplicator NEC 3500A Double Layer 80GB ($575, w/o S/H)

3500a costs around $61 ( from new egg)
80gb costs around $61 ( from new egg) so total w/o tower’s around u$ 250
and the price diff around $325

can anyone give me any idea why the price diff so much ($325 ) just for an extra tower and the board inside the tower.

i do agree that the setting up cost should b around $100 or $150,
but is $325 too much?

btw, anyone knows any method to build one on my own

Thx a lot