About DVD Backup Express freeware

I downloaded the software (http://www.dvdbackupxpress.com/) and haven’t installed it. Is it safe? Is it good?

You could do a Google or Yahoo search to see if you can find reviews of it. You could trying doing a search with the word OPINION in there, or maybe search Eopinions.com or some other site to see what folks think of it.

Sometimes a few good keyword searches can be quite helpful.

Best of luck.

Why would you want to have those commercials popping up all the time? Did you read the part about having to install yango pango toolbar?

Commercials? Toolbar? Teh NoeS!!!

Thanks for the info. I’ll not install it.

There good many choices for this purpose some even free:
to name a few.

I have Nero. I’m looking for a free (or cheap) program to back up my copy-protected movies.

You can use DVDFab Decrypter to decrypt the movie to the hard drive (remove copy protection) and then you can use DVD Shrink to process the movie, like take off the menus if you want, or just shrink so it will fit on a single layer DVD, then use Nero Burning ROM (with a DVD Video Project) to burn the finished VIDEO_TS folder to a disk for viewing.

DVDFab Decrypter and DVD Shrink are free, and you already have Nero.

There is another free option - RipIt4Me - but you may want to try the first app, DVDFab Decrypter - because it is a bit easier to setup.

Good luck.

Thanks! I’ll try that.