About DL media, ASUS 2014S1T and DiscSpeed

[qanda]This thread is about the Asus DRW-2014S1T. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi everyone! I written first in another section, but nobody answered me, so I write here. Sorry for duplication. I have some questions about my ASUS 2014S1T. I use it mostly for burning Dual Layer DVD R discs. I had problems with some discs (Universal DVD R DL with RICOHJPN D01; and LG DVD R DL with CMC MAG D01). Very bad media. Now I using Verbatim DVD R DL MKM003 and I have better results, but not so satisfied. I burn them with Nero 9 and make tests with Nero DiscSpeed I burn them at 4x, because at my opinion results are better:

Burned @ 4x, Scaned at 8x

Burned @ 6x, Scaned at 8x

After that I was confused because I scan one disc at different speeds, and the results was very different:

Burned @ 4x, Scaned at 8x

Burned @ 4x, Scaned at 4x

My question is how to make disc quality test, in what speed? In which result I can trust? Why the record is better in slow speed?

About all that I know about disc scanning, is that not all drives give good results.

Burning at a slower speed can be helpful with some drive and media combinations. The same as ensuring you have the latest firmware for proper media support.

Verbatim is the most reliable and consistent performing media, so you have two options. Try a better burning application, such as ImgBurn (it’s free) and/or get a different burner.

Thank you for your response. I think that test on 4x not show correct results, so in the future will be tested on 8x. I think so because this record that I tested the two rates do not go well on home DVD player, almost hanging when reading, but the computer reads normal. I will make one record on the same disc at high speed, to see whether the quality of the record will be better and whether the home player will read it properly.
About imgburn - I’m not sure how to record dvd-video, I do not see this option.

For playback on a standalone DVD player, you may need to experiment with different brands/types of media until you find what works in that player. Again, quality brands (Verbatim & Taio Yuden) provide the best compatibility. I state this simply because you can have a good burn and get good scan results and the disc still won’t play in some standalone players.

As for ImgBurn, it depends on the format of your files. If you have the audio & video folders, just choose “Write files/folders to disc” and then add the two folders. If you have an iso, then choose “Write image file to disc”.

I recorded the same DVD-Video again, this time of 8Ñ…. The result was bad again. This time I used imgburn - the same result - player does not read well, constantly stops and starts.
I giving up with DVD-Video burning, I do not want to waste more disks and money. Other disks that I have will use to record information - programs and games that will be read on the computer.

If the discs play fine in the PC but the playback issues only occur on the standalone DVD player, then you are having media issues, NOT burning issues. You will need to try a different brand/type of media until you find one that plays properly in your player.