About CS

I got a big major probz playing CS, cause 1st of all I have a german version of Half Life, got it Updated to the newest version and I have downloaded the CS patch but nothing will help :frowning:
Every time I want to try to play CS online it screws up and says that my HL has an error and it should be updated, anybody that can help me ? Maybe post a link to a german version of CS ?


Uninstall Half life AND counterstrike, reboot, reinstall Half Life, get thepatch install CS.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Oki, I try :slight_smile:

Keep your fingers crossed for me :stuck_out_tongue:

sniff sniff Now it’s allmost ready only 2 errors:

  1. It won’t run with my GFX card (Got a Voodoo3) so I need to play in Software (suxx) mode.

  2. It has problems opening the value\halflife.wad

Hope to hear some more help on this topic, but thx so far.

  1. Try to get the newest drivers.

  2. Install the latest directx.

  3. Try different video modes (OpenGL, Direct3D)

  4. If all of the above doesn’t work get glsetup.
    The Web setup installs only what do you need, the monolithic setup is an 88Mb file.

Problems reading halflife.wad? Mmmmmhh…try to make a deep level scandisk, your HDD might have little problems