About cracks and chips in GameCube cds

Hello,I have one question about GameCube cds,I’ve recently bought a game from Electronics Boutique for the GameCube console,and usually I’m worried about chips and cracks in discs. I always take good care of all my GC and PC games,anyways I got the game three days ago,but recently I’ve started to notice really tiny lines or cracks in the middle of the GC’s CD lens,it got me worried since I paid a lot for the game,and I don’t want to buy it again,is this a problem with most GC games,and also can it be fixed in any ways? Thanks for any help…

Hi there JulianC,

I have a GamCube for almost a year now and have never experienced such a problem, even with badly scratched discs. I think it’s feasible for a Nintendo authorized dealer to replace the lens (or complete component) of your Cube, but i’m not sure if the costs would be more than just buying a new Cube ($99).

You could try cleaning the lens; use distilled water (just a little bit) and a cotton tip to carefully clean the lens.

Hold on - what are you concerned about, the Gamecube’s LASER LENS, or the clear part in the middle of the GAME DISC around the hole?

I’ve had a GC disc get scratched - and believe you me, they’re tougher than regular DVD’s. Mario Sunshine survived my 1-year-old’s teeth! But I’ve never had one develop stress cracks.

So to sum up - if it’s the UNIT, you will likely need to get it serviced (or replaced if it’s new enough, even refurbished units have warranties). If it’s the game, I’d just take it to the store. Show them the cracks and ask for another one.

Oh sorry about any confusion,I’m talking about the clear part in the middle of the GC disc. It usually gets me worried whenever I see tiny cracks in the middle of it,and the game was recently bought.

just ask for a replacement at the shop if you’re so worried.

Definitely just take it back. I presume by “recently” we’re not talking “six months”. If it was in the last 30 days, just take it in and ask for a replacement. Even if you don’t have a receipt or it’s past 30 days, a lot of stores are more than happy to give you the SAME ITEM as a replacement.

I mean, if you’re worried tell them it was a gift, and your birthday was last week, and look at the cracks can you have another?

I’ve gotten lots of stuff that seemed to be marginally sound replaced this way - CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

They often WON’T give you a REFUND, but you don’t want a refund - you just want another one of the same game.

All official Nintendo GameCube products have a 24 month warranty.