About Converting



Say I have a video file that has a bitrate of 1000kbps…

Will re-encoding the file with a 2000 kbps be just wasting space? Or will it benefit the quality?

Should I always convert the bitrate identical to the source?


If you are using the same codec, yes you are just wasting space and spinning your wheels.

If you are converting an avi to mpeg2, then you should use a much higher bitrate in mpeg2 to maintain quality.

If you are converting xvid/divx to h264 you can get away with a lower bitrate.

The commonly used codecs vary in their ability to compress video efficiently.


ahh I see thank you Kerry…

In this case I am converting Divx/xvid videos to MPEG-4 (ipod)

What do you recommend I do with the bitrate… higher? lower? same?




Are the resolutions similar? I don’t encode for ipods, so I’m just going by what I’ve read…it seems the common settings are 320 x 240 or 640 x 480? And 16 x 9 video would be 640 x 352. It looks like max bitrate settings are 1.5mbps for H264 and 2.5mbps for Mpg-4.

Best to test for yourself. Encode at the same and see if the quality seems good.


hmm, k thanks Kerr!

: )