About Chipset

Hi all

I would like to asking who manufacturerd chipset begin with R ? Like R8J32091NP.

About iHAS 324 Y that used Nec chipset, does the drive manufactured by Lite On or Opitarc ?


Renesas - although the R8J32091NP can be regarded as a NEC chip. It is based on an NEC design, but it was released after NEC sold their optical drive semiconductor business to Renesas.

The drive it is used in (iHAS W series) behaves & performs as we expect for NEC-based Optiarc, which is very different from the old Renesas-based DVD writers. (In fact the iHAS W was an Optiarc design, but they shut down and sold their business to Lite-On before it was released.)

The iHAS Y series is a bit of an anomaly. It is superficially a rebadged Optiarc AD-7240S, but the mainboard is a slightly different design. I don’t know who actually manufactured it, but in terms of how it behaves and performs it can be regarded as an Optiarc drive.