? about burning with new DVD burner

I just got a new DVDRW LITE-ON DH-20A4P-04 drive. My question is when I burn a DVD the drive light blinks constantly. Is this normal? I would think the light should stay on constantly but I could be wrong. If this not normal what things should I look for to determine what the problem is? What other information should I post to help troubleshoot my problem?

One thing that I noticed is I tried to burn a DVD at 16X but after a few seconds the speed dropped to 7-8X and then slowly climbed up to 12-13X. One thing I was thinking of doing is burning another DVD at 8X to see what happens.

Burning at 8x can be a good thing.
The blinking light is normal.

You should not be concerned about the blinking or the noise the dvd burner makes. It’s normal. If the burning process fails then you might have a problem.
About the speed. Are you doing anything else while burning your dvds?

Thanks for the response.
I was concerned that the blinking lights was a sign that the buffer for the DVD was not getting the data from the computer fast enough. I thought when the lights blinked their was no data in the buffer to burn to the disk.

About the speed I’m guessing it could be any one of the following issues.

  1. Not enough free space on the HD
  2. I have not defraged the drive in a very long time.
  3. I do not have any applications opened but im sure their are some running in the background that maybe causing the problems.
  4. The DVD Media may not be the greatest quality

Don’t worry about the speed either. The burn usually always starts out slow and gets faster towards the end.

What burning program are you using?
When dealing with video, you HDD can become heavily fragmented. It’s a good to defrag so the HDD doesn’t have to work so hard. Keeping running programs to a minimum will also help.
The better the quality your media is the greater your burns will be.

download cd-dvd speed and do a create disc. then post the results.

and here is a user guide


I’m using an old copy of Nero, I Can’t remember the version number. I will try to post the results later today or tomorrow.

thanks for all of the help

I hope this is the information that you are looking for.

your create disc looks really good, the buffer stayed high [really high 98%] and your cpu usage doesnt look concerning to me.

other than i would not recommend using moser baer dvd’s the disc quality looks good.

i would try a few more burns, do one at 12x and one at 8x. do a disc quality on each of them. i would go with the burn speed which has the lowest max and total PIF counts but doesnt send the PIE to really high numbers.