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I need some advice, what is the best burner to buy ? I mean which one is supported best with CLONECD, ISO making etc etc. confused: I was thinking of buying the new from Plextor (20/10/40 IDE I think it was). So gimme so respons :wink:

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Ever used the search function available to this forum?

You’ll find many discussions and a link to a list of CloneCD compatible burners.

We are trying to write an article about this subject, but I am afraid this is going to take a while (you can find details on what we’ve planned in one of the posts of last week). Any help is appreciated on this article, for we are trying to make it so that after reading it, everyone should know what the best writer is for your personal needs…

Da_Taxman: Sure I use the seach function, but that doesnt tell me personal views on with it the best to buy and stuff like that, all I get out of it various views. Here I could “count” how many ppl were “voting” for that burner and why they did it… Hope you understand what Im trying to say :slight_smile: But I’m looking forwarding reading that article from you guys, just PM me and we see if I can help, would sure like to help the biggest CD Gurus :cool:


If u want a burner to copy all protections then yes the plex 24/10/40A will do it.Also consider the Acer drives i’ve also got the 12x8x32 Acer ,and the philips 804K +12X8X32 all these drives can copy anything.Just remember none of em are any good at reading u will need a good reader.At the moment the plex 24x is my favourite but any Acer/philips will do fine,bit slow but good.Hope this helps u :cool:

Dont ask me,i aint all there

idunno: thx :slight_smile: I allready have an acer, 2 x / 1 x / 32 x but it wont burn all on mine, but I buying the plextor so thx for the tips :stuck_out_tongue:
Even when I make ISO’s my drive totally freezes and I need to reboot the whole darn thing :frowning:

Lost_Dude u wont be disappointed with the plex 24x,best burner i’ve got an i have 8:cool:

idunno said:

Lost_Dude u wont be disappointed with the plex 24x,best burner i’ve got an i have

hehe could u spare me some money to buy one then G