About Blindwrite v5.2.18

No changelog for this version :frowning:

and…some big trouble:
Updating 5.2.16 to 5.2.18 the result is a blue death screen - patin coufin locked! The system crash and i must reboot :frowning: After reboot all CD-DVD units are missing!!! Fortunately i remove blindwrite and patin coufin latest version and now it’s all ok. No log file generated :frowning:

MDS generated with Alcohol are no good for bwa builder :frowning:
(no information topology!).

I havnt checked it.
But I think maybe the patin lock is for dealing Securom7’s blacklist.

In patin-couffin there is 2 drivers: One to access the drives that we updated to version 29, and one to filter the requests sent on the drive, which is the autoplay driver (not updated for now).
It’s that last driver which may cause the problem, and that is subject to be blacklisted by third-party software.
To solve the issue you must remove this autoplay driver (which hopefully will not prevent blindwrite and other of our software to operate).
To do that, you have an executable called pcsetup.exe, that should be located in
C:\program files\vso
in start menu, select “Run…”
and type (don’t forget the double quotes)

“c:\program files\vso\pcsetup.exe” /removeatip

and reboot.
it should remove the autoplay driver and give you back the missing CD/DVD units.

Next autoplay driver to come will no longer be a filter driver, so it’ll be loadable/unloadable without the need to reboot, will not risk to remove some cd units, and will use a better hooking engine.

my backup games from BW5.2.16 not more works with BW5.2.18 !
Why ?

ok revision 30 work now fine :slight_smile:
thx :slight_smile:

Heu …? Where did you get the “newer” version ?
I noticed that the VSO web site has v5.2.16 as current version… no notice off v5.2.18 or something else …
Installing v5.2.18 also give me the BSOD when trying to install the Patin Couff. driver. I went back to 5.2.16.

download from there

download it from VSO official website. That is new version.
Version number is of VSO web not updated.

hm, Version can not more read Topology ?

Here ist the Crash.log…

warning Topology extraction failed
error Fast Topology: Read error during cache mesure
info Fast Topology: Max speed selected, x126 returned by device
info New fast topology method used. Range [0…199936]
info Topology extraction started
info Extraction successful in 04:03
info Free Space on destination path 129 GB
info Reading DVD-ROM Disc [SNOWBLIND] - Image Size 3,4 GB
info Read Data (DVD) for track 1 and following
info Reading device : 0:1:0 - HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B A105 [G] (Ide)
info Extraction started
info Loaded read profile Automatic
info Loaded copy profile Automatic
info Loaded read profile Automatic
info Using Patin-Couffin driver Version 1.30, Internal revision 30 - Async. Access mode
info Autoplay driver active. Version 6

tested with 2 DVD device and both can not read Topology data with Blindwrite version !
but version 5.2.16 can read Topology with same device and same Game !
I tested only the PC Game “Project snowblind” it has Securom 7

i hope VSO fixed this BUG soon in the next version :slight_smile:

Yes the way Blindwrite does this has changed a little (and thus may not be effective as you indicated as in previous versions). A change will not be made for quite a few months to come (so I would not hold your breath). Changes should be expected in the spring of 06


Where do you have this info from?


I work for VSO Software and I asked the programmers how to respond to your question (as I did not know the answer myself).

Sorry for the bad news—but the good news is that on the other hand of things blindwrite will be greatly improved during that same time period to make Blindwrite an even better application.

just wondering what exactly will be improved.
i know, it’s not good to start speculating, but i cannot imagine how and what shall be improved?!
the application actually is ok, it cannot do miracles, but it does what is possible on hardware-side - copy protected cd’s!
since the DVD-hardware is not capable of making backups of protected games / software, the software itself cannot be improved IMHO.
the only thing i can imagine is that the drivers, esp. autoplay filter driver, are developed, to support more of this (crappy) emulation stuff.

Another bad news: gigarec is blacklisted with securom 7.0.xxxxxx5 and up.
I tried to make a motoGP3 backup. All previous SR titles works ok. MOTOGP3 don’t works. If i make a backupcopy using twin sector it’s all OK. So i think that GIGAREC writing is blacklisted by securom7. :frowning:
Bye Plex premium :frowning:

Sorry for offtopic…

definitely NOT.
i made my Plex Premium-Copy of MotoGP URT 3 without any troubles, exactly as every other SecuROM protected CD game.
just follow this guide, it works still with the newest SecuROM’s without any troubles.
btw: i tested my copy on many different drives and systems, as i have heard much about “i cannot copy motogp3, the Premium failed” - but it works everywhere as good as the original disc.

Razor, Please could you see, please if the bwa of your backup is the same of your original cd?


Ps: My plextor premium doesn’t authenticate original cd :frowning:

sorry, but i don’t have the game any longer. just sold it on ebay after having played enough.

now playing fable - lost chapters :wink: