About Apple iMac



Any info regarding the benefits of iMac would be great.Is this a good computer set up? I have never owned a iMac and it’s been many many years since I even touched a Mac period, so I’m wondering if it’s true that iMac performe better than most other PC’s. Here are the specs/info about the one I’m looking at

Configuration Options4

[li]• Processor up to 3.06GHz[/li][li]• NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS with 512MB memory[/li][li]• Memory up to 4GB[/li][li]• Hard drive up to 1TB[/li][li]• Apple Wireless Keyboard and wireless Mighty Mouse[/li][li]• Apple USB Modem[/li][li]• Preinstalled Apple software[/li][li]• AppleCare Protection Plan[/li][/ul]
Included Software

[li]Operating System[/li][li]Applications[/li][/ul]
Mac OS X v10.5 LeopardThe world’s most advanced operating system offers hundreds of breakthrough innovations and applications, including:

[li]• Cover Flow[/li][li]• Quick Look[/li][li]• Stacks[/li][li]• Time Machine[/li][li]• Mail[/li][li]• iChat[/li][li]• Safari[/li][li]• Spaces[/li][/ul]


I have never owned a iMac and it’s been many many years since I even touched a Mac period. but if i had the money i be interested in getting one. not really know anything about them i would think the major negative is compatibility and availability of hardware and software.


Macs aren’t compatible with alot of apps, and softwares then? I have heard that but wasn’t sure it was true. I know that Macs do have a limited amount of software available but I have been told that Apple OS X is one of the best OS available, but I haven’t ever been able to try it.