About ANIME DVD, trying to rip but Fail


i trying to rip an anime DVD , using a few prog
but all of them fail and i don’t know why.

first i tried DVD shrink, i not even pass the first-time DVD analyzing
DVD - decryptor - (iso read) = cyclic redundancy fail
DVD2one - freeze after select the sound and start to rip…

any idea about this?
the anime i have a a gold color on the back, and another one that has the same problem has silver color onthe back and these two dvd don’t have any scratch on their back

any isuggestion would b aprecaite


try the free trial of AnyDVD


i tried that one as u suggest, drpino
however, still experience the same problem

according to anyDVD, my anime DVD doesn’t any protection…

do u think that my anime DVD is defective or something?
i really sure that there is no scratch , or a little bit of scratch only

any idea?


try ripping the dvd on a different dvd drive if you can. if it fails ripping on multiple drives, the disc is likely to be damaged (even if you can’t see the damage).

you think both of his discs are defective?

i’d probably be able to rip them with my plexies :wink:

umm… would it be better if i do an upgrade on my 3500a firmware?

i finally managed to rip one of the DVD i have problem (using my friend DVD)
but the other one i still can not rip it ( NERO says ‘read error’).

i really don’t know the reason…
'cos i can play the DVD perfectly,
any idea?