? about adding pics in mp3tag

Hey guys…i have the latest version of mp3tag v2.52 and i know how to add pics and after i add them i click save. However… when i play them in my car, some pics are there and some are not. Now i can only assume this has something to do with the size of the images im adding?Do i have to resize the pics to a certain size? like for instance in windows image resizer there is an option to make a custom size or even a mobile device option that fits a 320*480 screen.


I had a similar problem with playing mp3 files with embedded thumbnails on my Sony Bravia TV. When the embedded image was larger than approx. 60 kByte, the Sony TV would ignore all tags (not just the image).

There might be a similar limit in your car mp3 player, but not necessarily the same limit.

You could try googling to see if others have figured out the problem, but you’ll likely have to experiment yourself regarding what works.