About a Moody Audio CD

I posted this originally i nthe CD-R(W) forum, ebcuase i don’t know if this is happening becuase of the media or something else.

I have a historic Yamaha external SCSI CRW4416SX…as evidident, it’s max write speed is 4x. I sue Nero for almost all my day to day jobs.

Recently I burned an audio CD from MP3s. My cd-r disk manufact. was prodisc (700 MB max 16x). I wrote the audio cd as a ‘disk at once’.

The compilation had 12 tracks, and its size was about 55:48 minutes.

The problem is, it works fine on my PC…but my home entertainment system just spits it out
I trie my uncle’s BPL home system…na dit failed to read the audio cd too.

What can be wrong? I wrote the CD twice…ocne at 4x and ocne at 2x…but in no vain.

I checked and CD Speed reports the dye type as ‘9’.