About a Moody Audio CD



I have a historic Yamaha external SCSI CRW4416SX...as evidident, it's max write speed is 4x. I sue Nero for almost all my day to day jobs.

Recently I burned an audio CD from MP3s. My cd-r disk manufact. was prodisc (700 MB max 16x). I wrote the audio cd as a 'disk at once'.

The compilation had 12 tracks, and its size was about 55:48 minutes.

The problem is, it works fine on my PC..but my home entertainment system just spits it out :frowning:
I trie my uncle's BPL home system..na dit failed to read the audio cd too.

What can be wrong? I wrote the CD twice..ocne at 4x and ocne at 2x..but in no vain.

I checked and CD Speed reports the dye type as '9'.


were you always using this cd’s…or are they new to you??


These are not new…I had previously burned some audio cds with it.

just a minute…

I just fetched an old similar ‘Boney M’ burned audio cd…and used CD Speed to see the cd-r info…i got very different results from the other CD.
Both are branded as being from one ‘Frontech’ company.
Both are 700 MB cds.

Details are listed below(as returned by CD Speed 85e beta:
Both are audio cds working on PC…but the bad one is not working on dedicated audio cd players.


capacity: 79:59:74
dye type: 6
manufacturer: 97m17s06f
Max supported speed: 12X

NonWorking CD

capacity: 79:59:74
dye type: 9
manufacturer: Prodisc
Max supported speed: 16X

Diagnostics please.


Just a little question…Acer Cd’s burn all at disc at one…but some are perfect in my pc but when i try the on home hi-fi they dont work and others do…what do i do and why is this happening…i use an acer 8432 cdrw drive


Wishmaster…try lower speeds or other media…