About 812S recording

Hi ! All ,

  1. Did anyone use 812S multisession recording over 2.5G ? Why no matter

use Nero6 or RecordNow , no matter +RW or -R… Once it over 2.5G , then

all became a waste . I’ve asked LiteOn . LiteOn told me to use another brand

blank media for try. But I guess it is hardware or firmware problem . How come

different software different blank media , die at the same point(2.5G) ? The

result is 5 waste +RW and 4 waste -R … Miserable… I have updated my firm-

ware to US0N , same problem exists . Is it possible to save my 5 waste +RW

back ? :confused: Thanks a lot !

  1. I use Ghost 7.5 (812S) to backup and restore my system , normally

perform . But after hackering to 832S , backup is OK . When it complete

82% restore , a " application error 437 " popup and fail to restore . Any

one can tell ? :confused: Thanks again .