About 6650A and adapter

I come from China.I’ve problem to use my 6650A with my TOSHIBA TECRA S1.
It is recognized as secondary slave.So I want to use Liggy’s “normal ATA”.
But I can’t find the silmline to IDE adapter anymore here.Could you show me
some kinds of it?Does BELKIN make it?

Try here:
Hope it helps

You can just flash the reverse ATA program directly if your drive is internal. If you really want the slimline-IDE adapter, you can find it from some second-hand computer market (or call me to help you find XD).
BTW, are you from Shenzhen? I have seen one NEC6650 that was selling at HuaQiang in January 2006. Is that one you bought?

Thank you very much.I have bought an adaper,but when I connect 6650A with my PC(secondary IDE).It said that my 6650a was already “master” and it report error.So I use “reserve ATA”,but it reported “No ND-6650A found”. What can I do?(I flashed Liggy’s 1.62 before.May I flash back to original firmware?)

Hi, I have the same problem, my 6650 is master and i want to turn it slave. I have the slimline adapter, I put it on the secondary channel and recognized as master. So, when I first try to run 6650boot.bat I get an error, that 6650 is not found. Whats going wrong with that? Please help me.

my 6650 firmware is 1.5A

none can help me or think maybe what Im doing wrong and the flasher cant recognise the 6650? I have not many experience on flashing and cant think a possible solution to that.
thanks again…

I see no reply, so I 'll ask something else. I think that maybe it would be supposed to load a cd-rom driver like mscdex at the boot disk, to help the flasher recognise the 6650. So, what you guys think of? if Im right, please anyone give me a link to get this driver, I cant find it to test it.

This will not help…

because I see that none can help me, is there any way to do the reverse ATA inside windows? I have tried the boot disk in three diferent desktop pcs, the bios (at the desktop) recognise the 6650 as master (on the slave chanel), but when I excecute the 6650boot.bat I get the error “nec nd-6650 is not found”. I tried to install also mscdex cdrom driver from dos but with no luck. Can anyone suggest me any other way? What will happen if I flash it with a 2.xx firmware inside windows? becase if I have understand correctly the 2.xx firmware will turn the 6650 to slave, which is that i want. Sorry for the lot of questions.
Thanks again.

why none can give me a reply? at least a suggestion, so many experts are here, I dont think I am asking something very diffucult.
Thanks and sorry but Im really dissapointed

If the flasher cannot recognize the drive then you cannot do anything, AFAIK.

You should have two connectors for each cable (that of the primary and that of the secondary channel); being the drive set as cable select you should connect it to the right connector to make it be recognised as slave. I think it cannot be anyway recognised as master.
If this however doesn’t work, you can also try to solder the 45 and 47 pins and make it master without any further work (I mean, no nedd to flash), see for exaple these threads for details: