About 4120, bitsetting and Nerovision

I burned successfully a DVD movie with NeroVision 2 using NOAD firmware, the DVD+R works on my SAP thanks to automatic bitsetting.
Do someone know if this will be the same with latest firmware with optional bitsetting?

yes. A104 and newer will bitset using the latest version of nero. the default settings of nero will automatically do it, but check your settings.http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=686991#post686991
i have been using A110 with no issues, so i have not updated to A111.

Are you speaking about Nero Vision (not Nero Burning Rom)?

well, nero burning rom. as long as you set the recorder in burning rom to booktype to “dvd-rom” it will work in nero vision for your projects.

OK, thank you

A111 f/w is good. why not use this instead? NOAD is unofficial. it also won’t booktype dvd+r to dvdrom