About 150 Busts, more expected

I just posted the article About 150 Busts, more expected….

Today the BSA has raided about 170 houses. 150 in Germany and 20 in Belgium. Macup one of the biggest German dealers has been busted and some addresses have been found.
Expected is that The…

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helaas maar waar…
nieuws is correct

Damn, glad that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in the US …

Not only warez CD’s and Audio collections. Lately more and more people who are linking DC’s and burn those ISO are getting busted.



i just want to tell everybody in this business to not take this to easy … the police is NOT your enemy, indeed not.
Police doesnt care mostly of warez. But private organisations DO. and they give out a lot of money, which they get from they member companies.
Mostly the have ex-police guys which are responsible for the busts.

How they work:
first they check your website
if it look too much professional, they try to buy something from you - if you return they will check out what they got.
after that they went to the police and told them about your activities.
now the police can do something…and they HAVE TO, they have no choice to choose.

so please:
NEVER use any adress where you live to recieve orders, nor use any adress of your friends.
do they old things… use houses or flates which are empty… put on a new postbox and use it.
web makes everything faster…but security must be no1.

dont use po boxes, use individuell adresses.

but mostly…bsa and others only want some big letters in the media…the penalties arent that much, i know what iam talking about.

well just wanna drop a note…
keep on the scene, and check your security!!!

BSA and other sucks, because they only want to make money on the backs of the pirates, they give a shit about warez.

dont let the bsa and others fool you - be smarter - just be )


mkay…let them come
I’m ready for it

Sorry for the other dealers that are busted

i agree with wonderboy… the good titles i buy. And also my OS (windows) and ms office i bough. Also the GOOD games i buy in the store like red alert 2 and fifa 2001… and some RPG stuff.
Warez sucks…


I want to know how exacly can I send CD’s (selling them) anonymously ?!!?
every time I send them I have to give up my name, adress and my social security number here in Iceland !! I have an account at the post office so guys can pay me ! the account is registered to my name!
please reply !!!

I just saw it on TV last week, some guy wanted to sell illegal software. Somehow the sucker got taped at his work while making the call. His boss informed the cops and while he wanted to trade an entire box full of warez to his ‘customer’ at a parking lot a swat van passes by and 10 entirely dressed in black men jump out with guns and all and arrest his ass. It looked really violent for just a little box of warez. Again, this is proof that America is weird. Also with those elections and all. It’s gonna be Gore!

I’ve got the best way not to be busted: DON’T TRADE!
The little money you can make with it is not worth the risk so why should you trade?
All the stuf you’d ever wanted you can get on the internet… downloading is not illegal so don’t be stupid!

Did you ever thought about, that a cd dealer is NOT selling warez included on the cds !? If he would do that, he had to ask 100 times more bucks for the discs!

CD dealerz are selling a service to the ppl!

the little money is for making copies and dispatching the discs.

There are dozens of ppl who dont have cable speed connections or flat rates.

if you ever wanted to have a game, and try to D/L 180meg with your 2,5kbit connection, you began to like dealer…

so what !?

i would never make hard £££ from cds, i give people cds for around £2 'on the understanding that they already have a copy, so do (/did at the time) i and so i burned them 1. they simply pay £2 for the cd (ok they cost less but the equipment for this essential service costs money!

i dont like the idea of people making a living or a million from warez. these arent usually the people who make it either. these are the people who scrounge. warez is about sharing.

and at the same time

Trading is not illegal… No money is passing hands and its done (supposedly) for backup purposes… Now if your dealing CD’s for money thats a different story!

Somebody named Scarface

FUCK THE BSA but ehj, They already knew that…

lol. Only morons get busted…

If you ask me the people that sell warez are asking to get busted! Selling warez harms commercial distribution more than passing around copies of games/apps for free! At least the free method can be looked upon as try before you buy! A bit like mp3’s from napster!
Yeah! I have no respect for people that take money away from the programmers pockets! come on guys! us programmers have to work damn hard for our money! Dont sell other peoples stuff for silly money, it’s not worth the criminal record for! disribute by all means, but dont sell!!!

If you look at the problem in a nutshell…the people most afraid of piracy is the ones with low quality products.
Most people (incl. myself) do not want to pay full price for crappy titles, but when a good product comes along the main crowd recognizes the work behind and buy the licence. Of course there will always be leeches, but that is insignificant. I`ve never heard complaints from ID…?

If we all support piracy to certain degree it never will be looked upon as a crime by the public.

I`d say the real criminals are some of the major softwarehouses.!

Like tony montana in scarface said : you wanna take me you need a fuckin` army you gonna take me!!!