About 1080p wmv videos

I have just gotten a video file in 1080p format, with a bit rate of 13526kbps, and with 1920x1080 dimension. I would like to know which is the best way I can watch it on my computer (without any expensive add-ons). Mine is Windows XP2, with a Dual Core 2GHz CPU, and 1 GB RAM.
Also, I would like to know how I can burn the video onto a disc. Should I downscale to 720p? But I want to keep the same quality.
Thanks for all suggestions.

A cheap video card with onboard H264 decoding may help you (but you must use the provided player program with hardware H264 acceleration).
But there’s no real substitute for a powerful dual/quad core CPU when playing 1080p content.

You really need to give us more info … what size the files is, what video codec was used to encode the file (or at least the resultant video stream) & etc.