Abort burning process


[li] Burn process started with BurnIsoAudioCD
[/li][li] Nero recognizes in the OnWaitCD Event, that the compilation cannot be burned onto the current media
[/li][li] User is prompted to insert a new media
[/li][li] User doesn’t insert a new media
[/li][li] Call abort method of Neroobject
[/li][li] Recall CDInfo method of NeroDrive to get data of current inserted media. This is of course not needed if the user didn’t change the media but usually the user is supposed to change it.

Step 6 returns an error that an asynchronous operation is in process. I suppose this asynchronous operation is the burn process that was started in step 1. Shouldn’t the abort in line 5 abort this burn operation?

Raffael Walther