Able to do babylon and disaster movies



i was able to do babylon and disaster movies with dvd fab5.2.2.2. when you but the movies in to backup they will come up with error but if you hit abort it will keep trying/ do this until the files show up, then record the movie. the movie will play on home dvd players with a writer built in , or a home dvd player if you let the movie load, and wait for a black screen and hit the next chapter the movie will start to play, then rewind the movie back to the longate hit play and the movie will play from the start. …but the best way is to take the movie you recorded.with dvd fab and put it in nero recode, and trim the first part of the movie foo at the start where the longate gears are turning… the movie from nero will play from start to finish on your home dvd player as usual.


That’s because these are Lionsgate films. I remember you could backup the “Lords of Dogtown” (also Lionsgate) and go through the same steps you mention if you didn’t want to wait for Fengtao to update Fab for a problem free backup. But why?
Lionsgate, like Sony and its different studios like Columbia, likes to change its approach on DVD protection every once in a while.


sometimes its just for the challenge and the way to learn .


Babylon A.D. 20th Century Fox
Bangkok Dangerous Lions Gate
Disaster Movie Lions Gate


You’re right about Babylon – 20th century fox. Hmm. Wonder why that one is a problem. I don’t plan on buying that one so we’ll see what other people who do and try to back up experience when it’s released tomorrow (1/6/09) for R1.
You’re probably right about the challenge aspect. Like I said, I went through these steps with “Lords of Dogtown” and had to chapter jump and then rewind to start the movie close to the beginning when viewing the backup. That was after scanning several times and buring a couple to make sure it wasn’t Fab and wasn’t the blank media used for burning.
After that, I decided I’d rather just wait.


fengtao has the disc’s on pre-order and will get it asap.


Had no problem with Babylon A D using DVDfab Plat Ver #


I also had no problem with babylon A.D. region 1 widescreen.


i am so sorry i ment to say bangkok dangerous, insted of babylon a d.


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I only had a problem with with Disaster Movie. Bangkok Dangerous took a bit of time to open but no read errors. I sent the IFO files, hopefully it will help.


i had to hit the abort 3 or 4 times with the disaster movie but only qnce with the bangkok movie, but i had to trim both movies off the beginning of the dvd, or they wont start in a home dvd player unless you go to the 2 chapter and rewind back to almost the start.


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I ended up using other software on Disaster Movie, but Bangkok Dangerous works in stand alone unit (Oppo dvd player). I used customize mode so it goes to menu, (which took a long time) pushed play, all good


thanks i have not tryed customize menu yet


which version of Fab were you using,and what region was the disk.

#18 Region 1


Have seen you in the background many times so I’m sure you are aware that version 5222 is very buggy either an earlier version is needed or can just wait for the next release.


No problwm with Babylon A.D. using which is a double sided disk. Did whole unrated (side B) disk. Just a note but sometimes a DVD drive doesn’t see the flip side of a double sided disk. I’d just check with “My Computer” to make sure Side B is recognized.