Able to burn @8X? Drive burns @16X

Hello all,
been browsing these forums for quite a while now, and i thought i might as well become a member here!

Well anywho, i have a sony dru-710a(with latest firmware version) that will burn to dvd +R and -R media. my drive burns to +R at 16X, but since i couldnt find any media that are 16X compatible, i purchased some maxell +R @8X.

Heres my question, am i still able to burn to these dvd discs even though my drive’s burning speed exceeds the media speed without causing damage to my hardware, media, and data?

Quick question as well: am i able to start a multisession disc on +R dvd media? oh and btw i have nero OEM (with latest updates).

If the drive wants to burn the media at faster then 8x it wont hurt anything except maybe the disk gets burned poorly from going too fast. I think you should be able to do a multisession also wuth that media but I never do them so not positve but pretty sure it should work, just not work in some situations till closed and like that.

I think he may be asking if he can use 8x media on a 16x burner or does he have to buy 16x media. If so, yes you can burn 8x or 4x or any speed media on a 16x burner, it will just burn at the speed the disk is designed for.

Yes i am asking this question^^^. So do i have to set some kind of option in my burning software? which is nero, or do i just burn it normally?

You can burn 4x, 8x, 16x media on your burner. You can let nero select what setting it want’s to burn at by selecting max, or you can set the speed to the rated speed of the dvd (4x, 6x, 16x), etc… For anything important, I never burn faster than the rated speed of the dvd, simply to ensure a high quality burn. However, on good media, you can burn an 8x at 16x, and not see any degradation in the burn.


Usually best to let your burner burn at the speed set for that particular media in the burners firmware-

However - I always burn my CD-R’s at 32x in my NEC 3500 - even though it will burn my TDK (Ritek) CD-R’s at 48x-


Thanx all i was able to burn a disc successfully.

Well i have another question here so bare with me. how exactly do i burn a multisession. i read the guides that came with nero, but that made me more confused :confused: ! I have burned some data to a dvd disc, and now i want to add more data and still keep that past data. Can someone walk me through this?



To burn multisessions on DVD - you must use +RW media and like in Nero indicate that you are going to multisession and do NOT check the finalization box-


But theres no way to burn a multisession to a regular dvd +R?

If you have the full version of nero you can but I cannot tell you exactlly how step by step. I’ll give you the best idea that I can though. I have only done this one time (this morning). Basically I opened the nero start smart thing and selected make data dvd. I selected various files to add and went through the program. Just before the burn where it gives the warning, are you sure you want to burn multi session, it may not be visable by some windows operating systems or whatever that error is, I selected for it to burn multi session. I then poped the disk in my other computer (thats why I was trying to burn multi session, I had files on two computers that I wanted on the same disk). With the disk in the drive and the drawer closed, I opened nero start smart. On the left hand edge, their is a small arrow. Click it, click applications, click nero express (not nerovision express). When I did this, it opened a window that showed the files already on the disk and had an add button. I added the files on the other computer and burned it. When I right clicked the disk drive in windows explorer (my computer) and clicked explore, it showed all the files from both burns. I checked properties and it only showed the second burn (and the capacity of the second burn as the whole capacity) but it did show the files and they were accesable. This was on a dvd+r (not an rw). I don’t know any particular setting or details, that just what I did (like I said, I have only done this once), so it is possible.
Hope that helps some.