Abit versu creative?



Today I finaly got my new computer:

PIII 667 copermine (133fsb)
Abit motherboard(in await until my asus motherboard arrives)
133 Ram (133fsb)
soundblaster live
desktop theatre 5.1 2500
Aopen dvd 10x40x pro with creative dxr3 decoder card
plextor 8/2/20 with an adaptec 2930 scsi card
IBM harddisk 27.3 GIG (7200Rpm)
asus videocard 6800pure with 32 DDrram

Now this is my problem:
everytime I start a game or want to play a song I get a blue screen?(I havent heard a single peep out of my boxes)

Could it be my soundcard that's giving me my problem or could it be something else?

If it would be my soundcard for what ather soundcard should I return it to the store(It has to work with my desktop theatre for dolby surround)

But I hope some one could problem.

Oh, next week my asus motherboard will arrive and will replace my Abit board, could this solve my problem?

I hope I will get good responses.


It might be your mobo, not necessarily your sound card. Also, I had problems with a TNT card a while back. I think the creative drivers had some conflict with my SCSI card, but then I went with NVIDIA drivers and poof, conflict gone.

I say wait for your new mobo and go from there.