ABIT Serillel 2

Is anyone sucessfully using the ABIT Serillel 2 PATA to SATA adapter on a 16X burner such as the Pioneer dvr-108 with no problems in terms of burn speeds etc. Sorry if this has been covered before but this seems like a good way of freeing up one or more of my IDE channels on my Asus A7N8X delux nforce2 MB. Any help greatly appreciated.

I’m in the same boat. Though eager to try it out when it comes (hopefully tomorrow).

Seems that some people find their SATA controllers find the device (once plugged intot he serillel [or similar; there are other makes out there]) but upon boot into XP, the OS doens’t see the drive.

I’d like to hope that using the serillel with the Abit Nf7-S motherboard (it does mention using it with the silicon image SATA controller) it will run it.

However, I’m sure there are poeple with much more experience who would be able to help. And indeed, I think I’m right in guessing these people used the serille on motherboards that, while not abit’s own, had the same SATA controller and even then couldn’t get it to work on a SATA channel.

I too was hoping tomove it across to a channel; already have a ROM (though I’d be happy to ‘lose’ it IF the new Benq can read the contents of my DVD-RWs!!!) and RW (NEC 1100A Good compatibility but skips on +RW media even though it’s supposed to support it well!) which I’m thinking of keeping on.

i have serillel 2 on my shuttle board (silicon image controler :wink: ) but havn’t tried an optical drive on the sata ports. you need to get teh sata drivers installed into windows before it will view teh drive correctly.

when moving hdd from pata to sata, you need to do a windows recovery with the sata drivers handy on a floppy, f6 @ start of windows setup.

i got a ide-serialATA convertor which came with my Buffalo writer retail set.

i have tried it on every dvd writer. they all work flawlessly.even it works on hardrives.
so, i guess the Abit one will work the same.