Abit NF7-SL v2.0 has Nforce2 Ultra 400....?

NF7-SL v2.0 has Nforce2 Ultra 400 and SoundStorm technology ???

SATA adapter is not in Abit NF7-SL v2.0…, only in Abit NF7-S v2.0

which is the function of the sata adapter ???

it is the only difference between Abit NF7-SL v2.0 and Abit NF7-S v2.0… sata adapter ???

it would be possible to buy it, if it needed to me in a future and put in Abit NF7-SL v2.0 ???

A million thanks

nobody knows something?


Abit doesn’t list an SL version on their site. But if you go to the forum at AMDForums.com , the Abit forum is represented by Abit and you should get a good answer.
Edit: I see you’ve already been there. Don’t forget, Google is your friend.

thanks you very much


is the same board… the serial adapter only disappears…