ABIT NF7-S ver2 and PC2100 ram

I am running an ABIT NF7-S ver2 with an amd xp2500 cpu and 1.2 gig of pc 2100 ddr ram if i change the ram to 1gig of PC3200 (PC400) DDR Memory would i notice any difference


Yes, you would notice a difference.

Yes it would make a difference, but it’s better not to run the modules at 400Mhz.

The NF2 chipset gives the best results when the memory is running sychronized with the CPU FSB. As you’ve got a Barton 2500+, your FSB is at 333Mhz (stock speed, can be overclocked ofcourse). For the best, pick a memory speed equal to the CPU FSB and use the most agressive timings your memory can handle. Often, DDR400 modules have very high latencies. When onderclocking the memory, there’s quit a big chance that the memory will work fine on lower latencies, if you’re lucky they’ll even run on the most agressive timings your board can hanle (CL 1.5 would be great ;))…