Abit NF7-S (V2.0)+DDR Ram

I am just about to build a new p.c with the Abit NF7-S (V2.0) and an AMD.3000xp chip please can you tell me which is better 1.5gig of PC 2700 (333mhz) or 1gig of PC 3200 (400mhz) of ram


A 3000+ won’t really benefit from memory that has a FSB>166Mhz (PC2700). As the most PC3200 memory has quite high latencies (up to CAS level 4) the system will probably run slower than with standard PC2700 (CL 2 or 2.5 is standard).

If you are into overclocking (Nforce2 is good for OCing) PC3200 memory might be a good idea, so you can sync the CPU’s FSB with the FSB of the memory…

If you are going to buy the newly announced Athlon XP 3200+ with 400Mhz FSB, then the 400Mhz memory would fit you. But do you have that much patience and money? :wink:

I’m running 1GB PC2700 cause if you want good timings on PC3200 you have to pay overprice for it, PC2700 RAM with good timings is much cheaper.
Good timings is always a big advantage.