Abit KR7A with Excelstor 80gig UDMA133

Have had a drive failure and have been given this new drive.I installed it formatted and reloaded win XP to it,visited microsoft for updates,restarted ok.The next time booted no hard drive detected by system and time and date lost also cpu altered in bios.Have got it down to the mainboard not being compatable with UDMA133 as the drive works fine on my Mesh system,and an older 4 gig drive works fine on the Abit (non raid )board.Ive downloaded a file from excelstor to alter the transfer mode but it has to be run from DOS,Im not sure which command is required to run this floppy from DOS any help welcome.Thanks.

If you are losing date, time, and bios settings, sounds like your cmos battery could be bad. Either that or a bad power supply. Suggest you try testing/replacing the cmos battery first.

Have tried battery put in new one still same.System boots ok with old drive but not the new one.Have downloaded to floppy a programme to alter drive transfer mode which has to to run from dos,not sure how to start this floppy in dos.Which command do I need to input to access the floppy drive and enable it to run.

Yes, sounds more like a dead battery or defective mobo. As far as I can see (in a quick glance) on the Abit site, KR7A supports ATA133.

If you want to try setting the UDMA mode anyway, you’ll have to put ESFEAT.EXE on a bootable floppy (you can make that by formatting one in XP and checking the option to make it bootable). Print out the README instructions and boot from the floppy (to which you’ve added ESFEAT.EXE obviously) and then type “[B]ESFeat /D: p0 /U:5:100[/B]” at the prompt (will set the Primary Master drive to UDMA100 in [B]this example[/B]).

Have run your command and get this response "EST jupitor family featuring tool Ver 1.20 is that it done or is there more to it.Thanks

Follow the Readme instructions is all I can say. For Excelstor Jupiter Family Only, so it may not work with your particular drive.

Note: I had to put a space between D: and p0 above because it would show a smilie otherwise. :slight_smile:

Where are you getting the read me instructions from nothing on thier site helps.

It’s included in the zip file you downloaded, isn’t it? I notice there’s also support for “Callito 2” drives (whatever they may be :slight_smile: ).

ExcelStor Featuring Tool brief guide

By CC Tan, 09/06/2005

ExcelStor Featuring tool is an utility for ExcelStor Jupiter Family Only


ESFeat [/D:xy] [/H] [/?]
    /D:xy which drive to be tested
       x = p or s, p - Primary controller, s - Secondary controller
       y = 0 or 1, 0 - Master drive, 1 - Slave drive
       if not specified, default to s0
    /U:z where z is UDMA mode to set(0:16.7, 1:25, 2:33, 3:44.4, 4:66.7, 5:100, 6:133
    /A to set the Automatic Aucoustic Management Level
    /P to set the Advacne Power Management Level
    /S To set the Sata mode to 1/2
    /H Print this help message
    /? Same as /H

Note : It only will work for one option at a time

ESFeat Featuring Tool is 
	1. To set the Maximum Transfer Setting for ExcelStor SATA drives
	2. To set the Advance Acoustic Management level for IDE drives
	3. To set the Advance Power Management level for IDE drives
	4. To set the Maximum UDMA for IDE drives

ESFeat Featuring Tool Version 1.00, 9/06/2005
 - Initial Release

ESFeat Featuring Tool Version 2.00, 8/24/2006
 - Added to support Callito 2 product.

Yes it is in the zip sorry missed it.Thanks again for your assistance.

You’re welcome. Hope it works out for you.