ABIT IS7 Motherboard BIOS for P4-3.4E

Anybody know what BIOS level is required for running a P4-3.4E processor on my ABIT IS7 motherboard. I’m running -17 now and I’m comfused by the info from ABIT’s website.

(I know this is off-topic for this website - I’m posting similar queries on several forums hoping someone on one will be able to provide the info I need. I hold the most hope for this forum as it seems to be the most active.)


Looks like -20, but that may depend on your MB PCB revision.

Thanks… That was my conclusion too.

Anybody else actually running a P4 3.4E on an IS7???


Brothers box is running P4 2.8C on an Abit IS7.


there is new bios for the 3.0e and up e0 stepping for the IS7

it is only avaliale from www.abit.com.tw

download the update and flash the mobo with the flash menu program.
use update from file. it was compiled 21 days ago and fixed my issues with my
3.0e ghz prescott. support said the is7 would run the 3.4eghz you have.