Abit AI7 Boot Problem

Alright I had to replace my motherbopard a few months ago and went out and bought an abit AI7. I put it in attached everything powered it up and it booted… a few seconds later the power cut out and it booted again. Now it continued to do this for about 5-10 minutes before it actually booted. Now anytime my pc box loses power I have to wait through this process before it will actually boot which has taken from 30 seconds to a few days. Also I am unable to shutdown the computer because as soon as I do it just sits there in its hang stage until it reboots again.

If somebody could please let me know how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are my pcs stats. It says I’m on 2.4ghz but its actually a 3.0ghz cpu.

Does not one person have anything to say about my problem :frowning:

These Forums Suck, Thanks For The Great Support.

Well maybe if you waited for an answer you would get one.

I think it could be the power supply. When a computer boots it uses a lot of power to start everything up and if your computer keeps rebooting at start up that could be it.
What size power supply and brand do you have in there?
I’m kinda figuring it’s restarting before it even gets to booting windows or is it windows that starts to reboot on you?
If it is starting windows then it could be a few other things. Maybe one of your components is not running right. I’d run a memtest (download memtest 86+) run that a few times to see for no errors then while in windows run prime95 to see how stable the computer is.
If you end up with errors with those programs maybe you are overclocking and your computer is not stable which would be the reason for the reboots or maybe you have faulty ram or something it all depends. I would do a few tests to see.

I was going to respond to his question but with that childish attitude I think I’ll pass.
I have no desire to babysit in these forums.

It is a BIOS problem on the AI7, I will provide no further elaboration.

Hmm, yes well I had waited for over a month. The only way I could find my thread was via search.

I don’t think its a power supply problem because I’ve taken evrything off to barbones and it still wouldn’t boot properly. Anyway its SmartBlue 350, 350Watt ATX12V power supply.

And if its a bios problem then abit has a lot of dodgy bios’s cause I’ve tryed flashing it twice now.

As for the memtest, I’ll try that now.

Whenever power is interrupted to the system the CPU settings goes back to default for re-detection and could take some time. If you are overclocked then the overclock will revert to CPU default.
All other modified BIOS entries are sustained. Just the CPU settings revert.
If you are not overclocked then this will be like the first post and boot after a new build and require that you enter the BIOS.

A work around is to enter then exit the BIOS and the system will boot normally.

I have already established preliminary communications with ABIT regarding this issue with the AI7 on behalf of several owners in the ABIT forum who have also posted on this issue.
I’ve build my son’s 3500 MHz box predicated on the fact that the AI7 would sustain the overclock but everytime power is interrupted it reverts to default. This is issue is of major concern to me also.

That seems to indicate BIOS issues to me and currently there are no updates to address this.

My system doesn’t even get to the bios before rebooting :sad:

Reset BIOS (pull battery)? Run defaults, I agree it’s probably a BIOS or PSU issue but I’d check to see all your components are properly installed (memory, video cards, drive cables, power cables). Also the typical things like make sure your secondary CPU plug-in is, well, plugged in and also the video should it have a separate connection.

Perhaps these questions would be better asked on a tech support board. Try these:


I apologize if links are frowned upon, these are reputable boards.