ABC wants fast forward controls removed from DVRs

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 ABC  has held discussions on the use of technology that would disable fast forwarding  through commercial breaks. In essence, disabling the fast forward button of a  recording device. ABC...
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A DVR that doesn’t fast forward? I have an idea, how about a TV that lacks the ability to receive video signals?

This will only work if the DVR only receives ABC.

Lets not forget the only reason they make the shows is to the sell the stuff during the ads! But I say screw them, I don’t even use my Tivo anymore I just download everything and play it back on my TVIX 5000 that way I don’t even have to skip the ads, and most shows are done in high rez now better then I get over my cable connection. The video pirates do a better job then the networks at getting me a high quality product on my TV.

It will only open the market for some cheap dvrs from asians manufacturers who don’t give a crap about what ABC want. It will,however, kill Tivo. I don’t think that a consumer will pay additional monthly fee when the most important feature is taken away.

I had a dream last night. Congress and the FCC had public hearings and actually asked consumers what they wanted in the products THEY pay for. Then Congress passed a law that prohibited the FCC from creating regulations that disrupt freemarket concepts, are designed to protect any corporate entity’s profits or that deal with copyright and royalty issues - thereby forcing the FCC to be neutral, stick to administrative tasks and not engage in mitigating issues where power brokers have arbitration or civil litigation avenues available to settle these disputes. Gee! What a concept.
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Is this guy a total loser or what ? Everyone should email this idiot !

Who watches those stupid commercials anyways? I usually set my recorder to record a show while I go off and do something for around 30minutes. Then, I watch the program while using my commercial skip to skip through the commercials! I have a DVD recorder settop box and I would be damn to pay for TIVO service through my satellite provider.

The primary purpose of broadcasting is not to entertain the end user in an absolute sense. It is to entertain the user just slightly more than other forms of entertainment available to that user. If a channel came out that completely eschewed commercials, we could put this to the test. The question is- would you be entertained by the low budget programs a no-ad channel would carry more than you would be entertained by an episode of Lost or 24-even with commercials?

I will get rid of my dvr if this happens, and continue to use my vcr. I am getting so tired of all this b.s.

If you are in the US you can bypass commercial programming by watching your local PBS affiliate. They offer tremendously informative, entertaining and educational programming without commercial breaks and ask the user to chip in with a yearly donation to keep the station alive, as the funding was designed that way when it was created a few decades ago. As far as this article is concerned, the fellow at ABC is bonkers! If he had his way we’d all be plugged in to his matrix and watching and consuming his products all the live-long day.

Another option: will you pay for a channel that brings you high quality and expensive programs (aka HBO)? I wouldn’t mind paying a monthly fee to get all my TV shows commercial free, and I think that many consumer will agree with me. I will NOT, however, pay an additional fee for a service that shows commercials.

“It completely destroys the primary purpose of the broadcast, which is entertainment for the end user.” Wake up; people don’t create broadcast corporations simply for our entertainment. They’re a business. I’m being snide because I don’t watch TV, broadcast or cable. I ocassionally rent a dvd. But TV is crap and you get what you pay for with it. Well, it’s actually a lot worse than what a lot of free stuff is worth, but if you’re foolish enough to watch TV you get no sympathy from me.

I am awake. Think about it. If the broadcast is not entertaining …would you watch it? Hell no! These businesses know that. This is why the cast members on some sitcoms make a million dollars an episode. They get high ratings. If a show sucks, you can’t get advertising to keep it going. Therefore, the primary purpose of a show is to entertain. The show supports the ads, not the other way around. Or at leat it is a symbiotic relationship. No matter what, if it fails to entertain it fails. My point was, that they have saturated the timeslot availed to the entertainment with so many commercials, it negates the value of the show to the end user. At least for me, I cannot watch a feature length movie without a method of skipping the commercials, as they always interrupt the darn thing in the best part. Then, the suspense, laughter, or whatever emotion the director had in mind is lost as you wait through 3 to 4 minutes of inane ads selling antacids, prozac or some silly excersize equipment.
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I wonder if Mike Shaw has checked with NBC and CBS or any of the cable networks if they wish to have ABC entirely bypassed? :d

“The show supports the ads, not the other way around.” Well of course. But in the end it’s the ads that support the broadcast corporation. In the end after everyone’s been paid there’s a profit from the ad revenue, which goes to the owners. That’s why they bought or created the corporation. My point is that ABC, CBS, etc. aren’t simply in existence to provide you with entertainment. They’re a profit driven corporation.

“Then, the suspense, laughter, or whatever emotion the director had in mind is lost as you wait through 3 to 4 minutes of inane ads selling antacids, prozac or some silly excersize equipment.” So don’t watch it on broadcast tv. Rent the dvd. Really, take my word for it; if you stop watching TV your life will be much better. You’re really not missing anything when you stop watching TV.

ABC, CBS etc may be corporations I don’t know, but they are in the entertainment business. :+ I watch TV as I have a TiVo and there are things on there that you cannot get from DVD. If they stop me from fast forwarding…without a doubt, I will stop using TV. I don’t feel bad for bypassing commercials, as I pay for satellite and I am sure they pay to the networks.
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ABC’s Mike Shaw seems really to be badly in need of some electronic shocks in order to make his brain work properly again!

I agree, i lost my satilite to a bad install from the company who i will name (DishNet Work) and they would not fix there mistake, so i was not going to buy more equipment that i could not use with another service, so i said SCREW YOU! and have not had Tv for a year and 7 months, and i Feel WONDERFUL! I mainly buy lots of DVDS and i buy TV on DVD and have been MUCH happier! TV shoudl be BAND! No not really but they need a better system!