ABC torrent uploads exceed limit & greatly outstrip download bandwidth!

Whats your conection?

Theres a prog that you can limit bandwith maybe can be usefull for you not sure about the name =[

512Kb / 128Kb ADSL = 64KB down & 16KB up.

Upp3rd0G has suggested netlimiter.

It ignores de total ul. because it has a minimum limit of uploading of 3kB for each torrent (ex.4 torrrents x 3 kB =12kB).The total of all torrents x 3kB takes precedence over the total maximum overall upload.
Stay with one torrent at the time and it will respect the max. 8kb total ul.which it seams you got right.I have the same connection you do and I get 45-51KB dl. on fast trackers with ABC.You could try G3 but I am not too happy suggesting it cause is a leech client (plus gets banned a lot on trackers).

Hey fellas, really. Use netlimiter! It works wonders. I used it all the time before when I had my 8/1Mbit connection, limited the upload to 80%. Never experienced any lack of downloadspeed. But fortunatly that’s all over now (current upload: 2.6Mbyte/s :stuck_out_tongue: ). Anyways, ABC Torrent sucks when limiting your upload, don’t even try it. The other day I was trying to limit my upload to 1000KBps, my computer was just to slow and I had to work on it. Well ABC didn’t like that and pushed out 3Mbytes/s anyway… yay :a

So to sum it up:

[li]Don’t use the bittorrentclient for limiting your upload. Use programs like NetLimiter, it puts itself between your internetconnection and all your programs. You can control single programs or setting a global upl limit.
[/li][li]Limiting to 80% works wonders on most connections
[/li][li]Register to a proper Torrenttracker to get those downloadspeeds up!

Hopes this helps…

use the newest version of Azureus…built in limiter per torrent/file.

Not useful if you have more than 3 torrents downloading :wink:

you can use the queue in order to prioritize your torrents so that only a certain # are downloading at any one time