ABC torrent uploads exceed limit & greatly outstrip download bandwidth!

Here’s my problem.

ABC torrent is connecting fine, on this PC, with ports range as 6881-6999 (standard torrent range).
My router is setup using an RDR rule that sends all TCP requests through ports 6881-6699 sent to this computers ( & only this computers) IP.

I have set ABC upload limits to 3KB/s, but it seems to be ignoring these limits.

Currently I have abysmal download speeds of between 0 & 5KB/s (usually 1-2KB/s), and upload speeds in excess of 10KB/s.

It’s severely pissing me off that I am uploading over 500% of what I download, and my waiting time is up to 2 weeks for any file over 500MB.

I’m considering giving it up, in favour of my existing P2P proggies. Can anyone help? Or should torrent be wiped off my PC in disgust to never return?

Comments like “Use Azureous” or “Use bittornado” are not constructive & will be ignored.

Azureous, I cannot configure in any way shape or form, for unknown reasons.

Can someone advise at all?

hahaha all signs point to ------> LEECH getting mad about sharing too much…

try downloading azuerus or other proggies… i’m not too sure about the settings but maybe its just the proggie… try a different client and see their results… someone might see soemthing wrong with your settings but i couldn’t be bothered to read on when you said you wanted to only share 3kb…

sigh Homer, you’ve just proven yourself a fool, a second time that I have noticed. If you cannot post anything constructive, don’t post. It only lowers other users opinion of you.

Since you obviously don’t know anything about either bittorrent or Australia, I will explain. Bittorent continues to upload files after you’ve finished regardless, upto a predefined maximum (min 50%, & mines is currently set to unlimited). I don’t care if things continue to upload for months, even if I have nothing downloading.
The problem isn’t that I don’t want to share files at all, but, I just need the instantaneous bandwidth limited, as my upload here is 16KB/s maximum (Australia has only shitty 512d/128u Kb/s ADSL with unlimited MB) and I have to share this connection with 4 other users. I also have Winmx running as well as I’ve been using it for the last year, and still have items downloading in it.

When TOTAL uploads exceed 12KB/s, the internet becomes very sluggish, email times out when it’s connecting to the POP servers & secure websites HTTPS refuse to validate passwords. Worst of all is that DNS requests do not go through, basically making the internet unusable either for myself of other users of the network.

I’ve changed my router to use Bimap, rather than RDR & my downloads have now reached a better level, but unfortunately, my upload rate is still the same, unacceptably high.

DL = 15-20KB/s, UL = 10-15KB/s

Combined with WinMX (max down 10KB & max up 8KB) it unfairly makes the internet impossible to use for the other users of the network.

Any constructive suggestions?

Hi debro,
I’ve given a try with different torrent programs. I’m far from being an expert in anything that’s related to Internet and firewalls and all that. I’ve tried Azureus, BitTornado, Burst! and had issues with all of them. Lastly I’ve switched to BitComet which I find much more user friendly and was able to get proper upload and download speeds. I’ve got 2MB/128k ADSL here so I have to limit my upload speed to 12kB/s which BitComet does fine.

However, since you have to limit your upload to 3kB/s you will probably never reach high download speeds…

Hope that helps.

I’ve actually limited it to 1/2 of my outgoing bandwidth (8KB/s) but it ignores the maximum & uses up 11-14KB/s, making the internet practically unusable :frowning:

I might try bitcomet.

i’ve used bittornado and shareaza. shareaza semiignores the settings, and is usually a little bit over the usage. bittornado was pretty good about respecting the upload, and was a total leeching program. i could get 100 mb files in 20 mins. it would be like 300 KB in to 3 KB out.

leeching sucks.

Leeching does suck.
But as I explained, it’s a matter of issues with outgoing bandwidth. I have 64KB in, but only 16KB out.

Anything over 12KB/s out & no-one can use the network, even for simple browsing.

It needs to be limited to about 8KB/s to ensure that it doesn’t hit 12KB/s for more than short periods. ABC just completely ignores the setting, and maxes out the outgoing bandwidth continuely, which both reduces ABC’s torrent downloads to between 0-4KB/s & prevents the internet from being usable in any way shape or form.

I know you said you don’t like Azureus, but it listens to my settings pretty well. I have it set at 35K up, unlimited down, and it sticks the upload speed at 34.9K.

Gee, I wish my downloads would be that high, let alone my uploads :iagree:

Azureus just doesn’t like my PC … I can’t configure it to work at all :sad:
Bitcommet (seems to, after just 2 hours of use) & ABC works fine, as does winmx & emule.

Read the documentation?
Obviously there’s a limit in most client applications for a reason (no leeching), and for that matter you can ditch torrents since you won’t get any speed anyways with only 3kb/s ul.

A change noted for 2.6

Changed, Maximum upload rate change from each torrent to overall control and now it is divided into 2 sections
Overall maximum upload rate when downloading
Overall maximum upload rate when seeding

wow ppl use bitcommet still wow :eek: ok just cus i am a nice nice nice man i will help :bigsmile: REVERSE CONNECT did u get that REVERSE CONNECT i get r 1 gig in 30 mins man i hate bitcommet it play’s on ppl that just dont know wat is out there REVERSE CONNECT get it go there :iagree: and then u can say " Vegeta-inc u r the man" :smiley:

mmmm one more for u to use is mric bit harder but good program

At my little 512Kb/s ADSL, I can get maximum 225MB per hour = 112.5MB in 30mins. :a

I guess Australia is in a league of it’s own for broadband … the little league.

Since my connection is only 512Kb/s, it’s recommended I don’t use the DC++ network regardless. Also not useful.

I think vegeta-inc means mIRC … as in the IRC (Internet relay chat) client. Another good client is SysReset (though I have not used it). I think firefox also has a built in IRC client, but I have never used it.

If you are comfortable with command line type programs, mIRC might be worth a shot.

Some info: (mIRC client home) (download Page 6.16 is the latest) (some tutorials)

When I was googling for tutorials - I came across a nifty FLASH tutorial (that can be downloaded).
Move the mouse over the “Downloading title” -> over the “How to download on IRC 2.0” -> right click and save the .swf file.

Also note, that IRC is NOT P2P. You download from other people who set up Servers (bots) or other users who set up “File serves,” which are accessed/browsed in a similar fassion to navigating directoried via command prompt.

These servers and hosts are located in “channels” on various networks.

give it a try.

I use BitTornado. It listens to the upload/download settings I give the program. It is recommended to limit your upload to 75% of maximum upload (which you did). Make sure other users/applications are not consistently using the other 25% of your upload rate. You could also try NetLimiter to limit your upload speeds on application basis.

lol man get cut i get 1 gig in 30 to 40 mins i mean it if u have r good connection use revconnect cus u can connect up 30+ ppl and if cable adsl even dial up use it or even just try it and o btw i got cable and man if u havent worked out how to over clock ur connection then i realy feel for u. o yea i almost forgot i have r mate that is on dial up and used revconnect find so dont even try to say unless u got r 1 Mbit dont use it :a

So far, the standard bittorrent never made my internet connection useless. I don’t really like all those other programs.

nice pic of the linux and bittorrent make u upload and u have to wait like 1 to 2 day’s for r file that is like 700MB like the other day i was useing bittorrent to get r program that i was have r hard time finding on mRIC and revconnect the file was 565MB and it took almost 2 day’s. like wow i use shareaza as well as mRIC and revconnect so i knnow wat real speed from downloading is but 2 days man it is 565MB file useing revconnect i wood have that in 15 to 20 mins not 2 day’s so it is up to u wat u use but i am for real here and if u r one of thou’s ppl that man up iso,img.rar and ccd img and share them then revconnect is good for that 2 to join some hubs u got to b shareingu cant just log in r hub wit no share i am share over 100gig’s but i know there r hub’s that will let u in wit like 2 to 3 gig’s but as i said up to u :slight_smile: but to help u guys out if u r staying wit bittorrent is r good bit site for thou’s thing all old and new bittorrent

The original bittorrent never really impressed me. It was rarely downloading, but always uploading at full rate (similar to ABC in fact :wink: ).

@Upp3rd0G Ty for that, I might try net-limiter, as ABC seems faster overall than Bitcomet, & Bitcomets interface is just a tad crowded & too damn fancy (read MAC addict) to me.