AAXA P2 Pico Projector - $40 discount "for previous owners only" (or not :) )

Hey just wanted to share:

I was e-mailed a coupon code for the AAXA P2 pico projector since I bought their older pico projector from these guys. Apparently it’s not just a one time coupon because two of my buddies just used it :slight_smile:

Go to the shopping cart, click order, and enter the coupon and press redeem:


COUPON CODE: P1owner43981

Price goes from $349 -> $309. This is cheaper than the 3M Mpro120 and it’s almost 3x brighter and higher resolution than the Mpro120.

Some guy got an 85" video with this projector which is pretty cool. The P1 is nice but is not good for connecting to the computer (requires an adapter that is bulky) so this pico seems a lot better if you’re in the market. Both are pretty tiny.

Found the thread that someone is doing 85" with the P2… looks pretty nice…