AAXA L1 Laser Projector Versus Microvision Laser Projector?



Anyone know which one is better? Both of them are crazy expensive, but they look super cool. I think the AAXA one has an onboard video player for $50 more ($599) versus the Microvision, but Microvision says they have some badass technology.

What do you guys think? Worth it?



Microvision turns off the laser when projecting black, this prevents turning light into heat and also gives great contrast. The showwx does does not embed a media player, but includes a cable to connect to ipod /iphone which I think is pretty awesome.

Here are two hands on video’s featuring them both.

aaxa l1



I’ve only seen the Microvision unit at some trade shows but I’ve found the speckle to be way more severe than on the L1 which I’ve had a chance to play with for a short period of time (friend owns one). The internal media player is also a great feature and supports a lot of media and document formats which makes it very useful as a standalone device without having to bring an external PMP and messy cabling.