AACS Specifications Released

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 pipemanid used  our news submit to tell us that the Advanced Access Content System Licence 

Association (AACS LA) has released version 0.9 of its specifications for AACS,
the successor of the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10151-AACS-Specifications-Released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10151-AACS-Specifications-Released.html)

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Hope DVDJon gets on the case as soon as the format is released. Blu-RayJon heh

:slight_smile: Don’t worry it will be cracked :slight_smile: Remember Windows XP ? Half-Life 2 steam ? THose were cracked before release… I give it less than a year…

WTF has happened to fair use rights? If I want to make a god damn copy, I should have a right to. Otherwise, please exchange your failed media at no cost.

This level of encryption is not going to be easy to break. It’s comparable with what is used by Intelligence Agencies and involves various levels of protection including the possibility of encrypted keys embedded in the video stream.

it doesnt matter. if it can be played, it can be decrypted. and if it can, it will - it’s only a matter of time. heck, even DRM10 was cracked. It’s only a matter of breaking at right point, grabbing keys, and repeating decryption routine :wink:

Read the proposal and see if you feel so confident. I read it and it looks like they learned their lessons from the CSS debacle. It’s going to take more than DVDJon and his minions to hack this one.

> WTF has happened to fair use rights? < Wake up! They were flushed down the toilet a long time ago… (DMCA, EUCD, DRM, …)

its all about demand. If people cared about wma drm more then they did or it was on all dvds youd have crackers hurrying up to beat it first and it would have been done faster. My sources from the underground say that worstcase AACS will be broken in 6months. Also i dont think its as secure as aes encrypted files alough we will find out more as time goes by. Remeber that it may that longer to get blueray or hd-dvd accepted in the market then it takes to crack this AACS. Im also counting on anydvd or mabey anyblueray or dvd decryptor. You also have to remember that it only takes one person to share what they know and the whole internet knows. When will they finally relize that people will do what they want and how they want and not be pushed around by content providers and control how we watch movies and music. To the people that made AACS good luck b/c your gonna need it.
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Exactly. It’s not a questino of breaking the encrypted keys but finding a way to bypass it. Another EASY way behind this (although lossy) is to take the output from your DVD player (which is already decrypted) and re-capture it using a capture device and burn it on DVD… This is a lossy method but most people won’t see the difference unless you have a very large TV. Now if they embedd coding as part of the video data, that can be another problem :slight_smile: Now even you manage to crack and decrypt the new system, the decrypted disc will still not be playable in a DVD player that detects a decrypted disc, it will simply reject it… Only a matter of time before someone finds a way BUT it will not be as easy as decrypting CSS…