AACS managed-copy aims to be finalised by year end

I just posted the article AACS managed-copy aims to be finalised by year end.

Since the first HD DVD and Blu-ray disc players have been launched, work has been carried out to finish working on managed copy, a feature that would legally allow one to copy or transfer HD DVD and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13373-AACS-managed-copy-aims-to-be-finalised-by-year-end.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13373-AACS-managed-copy-aims-to-be-finalised-by-year-end.html)

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Well besides backup there is another “main thing” - HDCP , I do not want to replace my computer’s video card and monitor for it So while it’s a good turn I still going to use AnyDVD HD - it worth every cent - ~$20 upgrade to HD version saved me more then $500 upgrade of hardware.

“Consumers who bought a player that will not be able to be compatible with the firmware update or where the player does not feature Internet connectivity will not be able to play the backed up discs.” I was going to give the AACS people a shovel to dig their own grave with, but now it looks like they’re already using a backhoe.

Slysoft is laughing all the way to the bank on this nonsense of "managed copy"AACS HDCP etc etc. :d

‘Hacking is delaying it’ HAHA. I am so glad for this to be true. Sends a strong message doesn’t it?

And once again, it will only be compatible with Windows Media and maybe Itunes. Bla bla bla bla. Looks like the hackers will finish off HD before HD finishes itself off.

“According to the spokesperson, the ongoing hacking of the AACS is currently delaying the eventual finalisation of the specification” Yeah thats what caught my eye too. Those words give me the mental picture of a schoolyard bully crying. These guys are pathetic.

The problem of Managed Copy is that it isn’t gonna stop the pirates. Finally, they are continously going to hack the software, especially if they put a fee down. There are some people who want to copy and edit the video. They are also going to crack the program anyways, if the origional is going to be broken, and they are going to hack the code to copy the copy for that backup. So, I think that the best way right now is just to dump DRM, like the record labels may be doing. I also think that video games should be copyable, so that I can make backups of my video games.

WTF is this rubbish. I want to back up my movies without any bullsh*t protections and whatnot. No one can stop me or anyone else who wants to LEGALLY back up their movies. Piss off and die you money hungry ass clowns.