AACS makes Blu-ray too expensive for small film makers

I just posted the article AACS makes Blu-ray too expensive for small film makers.

A simple 1000 disc production could already cost $8k for just disc production, according to an article on DVDA.org which explains all the fees that have to paid in order to even start producing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14856-AACS-makes-Blu-ray-too-expensive-for-small-film-makers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14856-AACS-makes-Blu-ray-too-expensive-for-small-film-makers.html)

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Well this just shows what an utter disgrace content control is and how it punishes the small studios. I say do away with DRM and give studios and consumers a fair go on fair use.

The best part is that they have to pay for a copy protection scheme that doesn’t even work. Hah hah, losers.

Notice that the AACS is “obligatory”. Otherwise, the small fry could just put out their discs without any DRM. This is what content protection is all about- making more money - not stopping piracy. As already noted, the AACS system is broken…why should anyone be FORCED to pay for a broken protection? Can someone answer this?

I think it would be funny if some indy could sue if someone ripped their disc after paying out the ass for AACS.

There are 9 million blu-ray player incl PS3 owners out there. Lets say 80% at least have 1 blu-ray movie. Do you think all of them care about AACS in their blu-ray disc? Combine all active members of cdfreaks, doom9, slysoft, avs and other “knowledgable” forums who knows how to “rip” blu-ray content and break the protection, will not even make 1% of total users out there. The truth is, BDA and Studios see us only as 1% of small “knowledgable” users and I don’t think they see as as a threat.

Savage capitalism, mother of true freedom piracy.

Give us us free (Joseph Cinque)