AACS-LA renew legal pressure on DVDFab

We’ve just posted the following news: AACS-LA renew legal pressure on DVDFab[newsimage]http://www.myce.com/wp-content/images_posts/2016/05/dvdfab-in-chains-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]
Read the full article here: http://www.myce.com/news/aacs-la-renew-legal-pressure-dvdfab-79380/

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Good Luck to the AACS it will not effect Dvdfabs sales or continued development they lost round one and they will loose round two:cool:

If anyone should be charged with contempt of court, it should be trolls like AACS-LA. If using American laws to twist the arms of non-American corporations doesn’t count as a lame, highly-contemptible course of action, what does?

My advice to Feng Tao’s employees: don’t ever come to America. As soon as you arrive on American soil, you will be arrested. Your guilt will most likely have been “pre-determined”, so you won’t be able to defend yourself. If by some miracle you do get a trial, it will probably be little more than a show trial. It’s also probably a good idea to keep away from countries that have extradition treaties with America.