AACS copy protection for Blu-ray disc and HD DVD delayed

I just posted the article AACS copy protection for Blu-ray disc and HD DVD delayed.

Let’s just hope that the struggle to lock down content does not kill both these awesome formats. But, we must admit it is taking a long time to hammer out the copy protection on the blue…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11494-AACS-copy-protection-for-Blu-ray-disc-and-HD-DVD-delayed.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11494-AACS-copy-protection-for-Blu-ray-disc-and-HD-DVD-delayed.html)

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longer wait until dvd jon can start hacking :(. aacs and hdcp SUCK ! die riaa, die mpaa!

This is interesting to here. Wouldn’t it be just swell if they never reach agreement, and then they can just get rid of it altogether. But one has to wonder about all these delays, this is probably the real reason the PS3 isn’t out yet.

I suppose this will delay to PS3 even more…??

Yeah, what about billys bullshit OS - Vista ?

Delay it all you want, we will still break it.

for their sake, their marketing better be damn good, because I think that AACS will seal the non-acceptance of these new formats. We’re basically talking about people ‘upgrading’ for higher resolution and higher resolution only - and only on devices and software the major content distributors have approved. Talk about trying to totally control the market. It will fail. On the data side, greater capacity in a removable drive sounds good, but with all these limits? I mean, reading the article it just sounds like you’re giving up your system to the major players (probably because you ARE). Any way you slice it, I can’t imagine that sitting well with the masses at all. Not at this time. Nope. I hink we can expect to see some pretty swift licensing changes when they see drives and media not selling as they expect.

I do keep wondering who actually feels a need for either of these “awesome” formats???
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