AACS 2.0 Volume Keys FAQ


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This FAQ should answer the most basic questions regarding the leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Specific Keys, which can be used together with AnyDVD HD, DVDFab and MakeMKV to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

Where can I find the keys?

We do not allow posting the keys here. It shouldn’t be hard to find it through Google though

How many keys have been leaked?

As of the 1st of January 2018 about 100 different keys were leaked

What do I need besides AnyDVD HD, DVDFab and MakeMKV?

You need an Ultra HD Blu-ray ‘friendly’ drive and a non-revoked AACS 1.0 certificate (use Google)

How can I use the keys?

Once you have the keys you can simply add them to a text file. After that you can set the location of the file in the software.

Instructions for AnyDVD HD, DVDFab and MakeMKV

Do I still need DeUHD?

It depends, using the leaked keys can be free when you use MakeMKV, however, DeUHD is currently able to rip more/other movies than there are keys for

My Ultra HD Blu-ray ‘friendly’ drive doesn’t recognize Ultra HD Blu-ray discs!

LG has released newer firmware, sometimes preinstalled on newer drives, that makes it no longer possible to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. This post lists known good and bad firmware versions for all known friendly drives. A firmware downgrade will solve that, something that is in the works.