AACS 2.0 + Ultra HD Blu-ray, who can help?



I’ve been browsing through the Sony documents that Wikileaks has published. They contain a LOT of interesting information on AACS 2.0 and Ultra HD Blu-ray.

I’m hoping some of you want to join me in discovering in what’s in the documents and what’s interesting?

I’m not really a specialist on this subject, so help is much appreciated. Some documents to start with:

  • AACS 2.0 is under development and will be used for Ultra HD Blu-ray
  • AACS 2.0 has a basic and enhanced mode. In basic no internet connection is required, for enhanced there is
  • AACS 2.0 uses AES encryption
  • AACS 2.0 requires use of HDCP 2.2 for 4K (Ultra HD) content
  • When internet connection is required, it appears only for first playback
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray players seem to have a “Digital Bridge” feature
  • The Digital Bridge allows exporting a SFF (standard file format, based on ISO)
  • You can stream to other devices (like tablets and smartphones) from the Digital Bridge
  • Digital Bridge can be used to purchase extra content from the internet
  • There will be a Managed Copy and Bound Copy feature
  • AACS has a forensic lab that monitors IRC and bulletin boards where the hacker community comes together
  • There is talk about a server that needs to be contacted before an export/copy can be made, indicating an user has to pay a fee in order to do (or when more copies/exports are wanted)

Want to help? Post your findings below, you can find the docs here:


Like I said when I posted that link, perhaps our ‘April Fool’ wasn’t so much fool…Also a search for ‘Cinavia’ yields a few docs too…


Personally, I think all this extra security is a total waste of money, time and resources.

From what I can see, the movie industry’s biggest challenge will be getting people to buy UHD Blu-ray players and discs, not trying to treat paying customers like criminals. My parents still buy DVDs and don’t see the point in paying extra for Blu-ray just to have a sharper picture. I know several other people who say the same thing, which gives me the impression that getting Blu-ray customers to upgrade to UHD is going to be an incredible challenge.

If anything, all this extra security/DRM will do is give the hackers a new puzzle to solve. :slight_smile:


Yeah, in my mind Seán it follows the laws of diminishing return.

DVD was a massive leap from VHS and almost everyone followed.

Blu-ray is better than DVD but you need a decent TV and a home theatre system to really reap the benefits so there’s not the same degree of impact for most people and less have followed.

UHD is a step up from Blu-ray but you really need a large TV to fully benefit. I can see the videophiles upgrading their kit but there’s definitely much less incentive.

I’m a big fan of HD in general but even I’ll wait until the content delivery mechanisms have been fully sorted before I’d even think about getting a 4K TV.

If SkyTV starts broadcasting in 4K though then I’d definitely consider it.