Aaargh Drx-510UL failure



I bought a sony product and heard good things about the
external drive. It worked pretty well cept for a couple coasters
here and there. Recently I was archiving some email and
whatnot and sonic said the burn failed but the light was
blinking like crazy and I couldn’t eject the disk.

I tried to manually eject using the small hole and no go.
I had only had the dvd burner for 2 years…
I am considering buying the external pioneer dvr-s806.
I’ve been using the same pioneer dvd player for 6 years
and it’s still kicking.

Can anyone else suggest a external usb 2.0 dvd burner that
is aleast 12x



Hi and be welcome to the forum!

Actually you can buy any DVD burner and put it in a USB2.0 case. This is often cheaper than buying a factory-assembled solution and it gives you a wider variety of choice.

Depending on your needs, there are quite a few DVD burners that can be considered to be very good. But again, it depends on your needs. I think that a visit to our Recording hardware forum (mind the brand-related subforums) would do you some good. Read about the burners, their capabilities etc. Also, check the Reviews section on the frontpage for CD Freaks reviews.

I hope this helps a little. If not, just ask! Or, use the search functionality to find your info!