Aaargh! angled film in preview box!

im trying to burn some films with nero and im going through the usual motions until it starts burning then the preview box is showing the film angled to the side almost as two pictures when its finished its actually playing the same ive lowered the bitrate but dont know what else to do its sending me mental im new to this burning lark and need help asap p.s i burned a film i downloaded the other night and it went straight on without altering anything whats going on? the only difference i can see in the files is the one that worked has a higher data rate bit rate and has audio of ac-3 acm the one that wont burn has lower rates and m peg layer 3 on the audio i found this all out in the properties HEEEEEEEEEEEElllppppp!!! im getting confused!!

some dvd(films) have different angles in them…you have to choose in Nero recode(Dvd Shrink) or even Dvd2One…to remove that film which contains the angle…not too many have angles that i have seen recently

these are films i downloaded on the net does the same still apply as recode wont get hold of the file?

i’m guessin avi correct?if so,the angle you see is the angle you get