Aaaah Really Urgent Help!

I have about an hour to get this done.
I am doing some research on international product names for school. I wanted to show foregn products with offensive or humorous names. If you could post any photos or links that would be great. Kinda urgent…

Ben :slight_smile:

Foreign products with names that are rude or offensive in English? Or the other way around?

Try this

“Fava” in italian slang is something than can’t be posted here :bigsmile:

Yes, foreign products with rude/offensive/funny in English.

Would you shop at the KKK?
HM’s jeans have a dirty name. Fit Sliq. Translates to “c*nt lick”.

Finding Malaysian products with funny names in english shouldnt be that hard. Or engrish.

Oh yes, I was thinking about the KKK too. But I think they have recently stopped calling them KKK Supermarket, becoming K-Supermarket instead. (Careful of the Finns, they’re … maniacs!)

Have you ever heard of the Japanese drink “Pocari Sweat”?

I can’t remember more funny product names, but there is an Austrian town called F*cking. Yes, it’s spelled just like that evil word!
And the “Irish Mist” whiskey means “Irish Crap” in German so they renamed it to “Irish Moos” (Irish Moss) for the German-language market.

Actually it’s very hard to find something rude in english I understand after searching for it. Gotta be a side-effect of mostly everyone knowing it. How boring :smiley:
Your best bet Ben would be to go through the engrish-category I think.

Engrish! Thats the kinda thing… thanks :slight_smile:

DSB = Danske Statsbaner (translation: Danish State Railways)

DSB had a freight division, and freight or goods in Danish is “gods”, hence the name of that division was [B]DSB Gods[/B]! :smiley:

Photos of the divine trains.

Some links:

DSB Gods, the freight division of Danish State Railways - DSB - Denmark (news article)

Danske Statsbaner (Wikipedia)

P.S. I don’t know if they deliver the “god” media I suggested buying in this post :stuck_out_tongue:

the following text from

Car Names as Comedy
September 09, 2006
Car names from overseas, especially from Asian countries, sometimes don’t translate. As Dave Legget points out on the Just Auto blog, the Japanese have offered some howlers in the past: Nissan Cedric, Isuzu Big Horn, Daihatsu Step-thru Pantry Boy, Mazda Bongo van, Nissan Stout pick-up. They have called trucks Big Thumb or a coach Super Dolphin.

The Japanese seem to have cleaned up their act but now that China is on the rise we can probably expect some more interesting brand naming faux pas — they already offer the Nanny Van and the Beauty Leopard Coupe.

The replies to this blog post are full of more ridiculous howlers: a Dutch car that shares its name with a margarine brand; a Fiat that was almost named after a sewing machine. One of the replies leads us to another hilarious link of names that just do not travel well — maybe it should be renamed “the work of errant name development companies.” I suppose we in the West should not have too hearty a laugh at Asia’s expense: Chevy did try to sell the Nova in Spanish speaking countries, while being blissfully ignorant of the fact that no va in Spanish means “doesn’t go” or “no go.”

And politically sensitive
Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Protest
at this link

Someone…probably British…finds this one deeply rude (?)

You sounds like Airy, us Brits aren’t that bad ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

Cressida and Michael came up with a brilliant one which was the name of a car, that was a woman’s genitals in English…wish I knew what thread it was in LOL :bigsmile:

Edit: Aha! Found it - Ben, have a look through this thread for more ideas :wink:

That was the Mitsubishi Pajero…a Spanish word: it means motherf*cker, tosser, wanker (Brit.) [vulg.]

We had a thread earlier this year about product names that mean something else in another language… I think you can find it by searching for Pajero (but it is probably too late anyway now)

Royal Ahold, Dutch supermarkets, swell name.

Line of men’s personal care products called “Minge”

Also, some kind of candy that is sold im my local Asian supermarket, called "Gentleman’s Pocky"
It’s long stick shaped things.