Aaaaarrrgggghhh! There are too many burning programs!

I finally have a burner! GCE 8160B, btw.
The most affordable here, fast (R 16x - RW 10x) and I could found it here in Brazil.

But now there are too many options of software! AAAHHHH!!!

There are CloneCD, CD Mate, Nero, FireBurner, CDRWIN, Feurio (never used), Ez CD Creator (…), NTI CD Maker, Disk Juggler, Blind Suite, GEAR Pro (never used too)…

I think that there are 2 categories of CD burning, CD images and file compilations.

Seems to me that the best for CD images is CloneCD and for file compilations Nero is the most used. CD Mate seems to be the best solution from both types of burning.

But about the other software? They couldn’t be all that trash!
I need opinions, experiences… please put what you know from them. Let’s decide which ones are the best!

And again please post! We are in a forum! :wink:


to copy cds use clonecd
for everyelse (audio, data, etc…) use nero

CloneCD for 1:1
Nero & CdrWin 4.0A for mastering and burning Mixes (cue files make from 1 big Mp3 some tracks.)
Nero doesn’t support this at the moment :frowning:

and at the moment i have ferio here because of some tests with copyprotectet audiocds and my new (great :)) liteon 24x burner …


Again, about CD Mate and probably other software…

CD Mate seems a pretty interesting option since Nero doesn’t fully support my LG (it only records at 8x and rw at 4x).

Btw, I found at Nero’s site that Hitachi has a similar model and it’s supported by Nero, but Nero doesn’t recognize my recorder as the same of Hitachi (the code is very simmilar - GCE-816x - I dunno what the x stands for).

Any comments about other software than Nero e CloneCD?

The whole thing is that the most used programs are not good for me/my recorder.

All I use nowadays is the mighty VOB Instant CD/DVD 6. It does the job very well.

I think it’s a matter of personal taste which programs to use. I’ve always used CloneCD and I’ll stick to that for copying my protected data discs. For other things like creating my own (data or audio) discs I use Nero. For BIN/CUE files I used CDRWin but since Nero can now also handle these files I’m using Nero. For audio I’m using Feurio! and Exact Audio Copy because they simply rock. For my CD-RW needs I use InCD since it’s free when you have installed Nero.

You see, all programs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Just try some things to see what works best for you. Most programs out there are quality products (except Easy CD Coaster ;)).

Is it possible to install both Easy CDCreator incl. Direct CD and CloneCD? I know for instance that Direct CD and Nero together gives big problems.

yes it is possible

I prefer using clonecd for the 1:1 copies, nero for the ‘normal’ burning and cdrwin for the bin/cue buring/making and ripping from cd’s.

Clone cd for backuping stuff

Nero for VCD, Audio cd, and data cd’s

CDRwin for bin/ISO downloaded images

No need for CDRwin for downloaded image files. Use nero. it will call up the regular burn image dialog, and select your bin file. Tell it to burn it as raw data and it’s ready to go.

CloneCD images everything else Nero.