A8N-SLI Delux (any nForce 4 boards) and PX-716A *FIXED*



As posted earlier…


this firmware fixed my asus board issue which had been with me for the past month. I am very happy to see this update! Now my computer is flawless. (I just did a burn with UDMA4 and no errors at all… :))

I am also using nVidia IDE drivers if that matters haha.


I would be careful of this. I have the latest firmware for my 716 and ASUS board and although they appear to work well together I do not get flawless burns. Using Verbatim 8X +R discs I have been getting “artefacts” appearing on the film after a reported good burn. The UDMA 4 doesn’t work for me either with the latest Nvidia drivers but that is not important as the drive works perfectly on UDMA 2. I transferred my 716 to my Intel P4 where it does now work flawlessly. Nvidia/ASUS/Plextor need to get it sorted…


First indications are that it’s working for me - burned a CD-RW audio disc at UDMA 4 using the latest Nforce 6.39 IDE drivers and the sound distortion that I used to get doesn’t appear any more.

Will test on a DVD shortly but for now VERY PLEASED INDEED!



I will be interested to hear about your results because I went down the same road only to find that my DVD recordings displayed “artefact” picture breakup on certain areas of the disc. It’s really annoying when you use a decent disc like a Verbatim and burn at the right speed only to end up with these problems… My 716 works perfectly in two different intel based systems and after after burning exactly the same image as on the A8N-SLI I got no “artefact” problems…

Let me know…



I’ve only tested CDR because for me DVD testing is too expensive. Each DVD cost about $1.2 so if I make a coaster out of that… hahaha pretty expensive coaster compare to my CD coasters.

I will test DVD burning for sure