Hi, I’v just bought this A70GX HDD/DVD from Amazon, but for the 2nd time it has locked up with just “hello” showing on the screen. Does anyone know how to overcome this? I have done the usual - power on/off, holding eject when pressing on button but no use.


sorry I can’t find a A70GX recorder listed.


Sorry, my mistake! It’s a A760GX HDD/DVD


You mean “HD-A760GX” I’m sure.
I’ve had mine amost a year and have
never had that (or any other) problem.
Is there a disc in the DVD tray?


No disc in tray. I just switched it on and it seems to have frozen. Nothing I do seems to have any effect. It justs sits with the hello message.


I hope it is still under warranty.
If you are in the US, call LiteOn Recorder Support
at 1-888-854-8366